This Girl

Hi. I am the girl who doesn’t drink. But more importantly, NOW I am the brave girl, the girl with integrity, the honest girl, the loyal girl, the patient girl, the strong girl, AND the girl who decided 5 years ago to be the BEST version of herself.

Im also the awkward girl, the introvert girl, the sensitive girl, the “no more drama please girl”, the “let’s talk about it” girl, the “Id rather stay home and drink a Waterloo and watch Netflix” girl... and that’s ok with me. The thing about being sober is that you become who you are, and REMEMBER who you always were. And because you can no longer use anything to HIDE who you are, you STEP into your bones and become this BEAUTIFUL, AWKWARD, Awe-some human. Perfectly imperfect and ALREADY ALRIGHT. 

And I’ve learned that there is nothing more beautiful than a human who has no other choice but to be themselves.  AND all that being said, I’m MOSTLY the grateful girl.

I used to wake up wanting to drink, or counting the hours until I could have a drink, thinking about when I was going to go to the store to get a drink, and telling myself I wasn’t going to drink that day. I felt like I was in a prison, I felt alone, I felt depressed, I was ashamed. I am no longer any of those things. I no longer want any of that. I am whole, I am fulfilled, I am GOD-filled, I am joyful, I am surrounded by love. I am so forever grateful for the moment I decided to live a sober life.  If you need a friend, if feel alone, if you think you might have a problem with alcohol or addiction, please reach out.  YOU are NOT  ALONE.

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