8 Simple Thanksgiving Tips to help you stay on the Healthy Track

If you are new to sobriety or living a healthy lifestyle or trying to lose weight, and worried about the Thanksgiving holiday coming up you are not alone. Thanksgiving is based around a giant delicious meal, and most of us associate it with succulent pie, creamy mashed potatoes, and wine. Lots and lots of wine. It's also pretty stressful. Whether we are hosting this year or not, gatherings with family can cause a lot of stress as well. And when we are under stress, we tend to gravitate towards "comfort food" or alcohol to numb our discomfort. Can anyone relate? What happens when neither of those is an option? What happens is we GET to be present and PRACTICE living life. We get to take care of ourselves. It doesn't have to be a struggle. We can enjoy the holidays and stay on track by listening to our bodies, taking time to pause and reflect, and remembering that EVERYTHING IS ALREADY ALRIGHT. Here are 8 simple tips to help you to stay on your path to health and wellness.

1. Start Your Day in Gratitude and a Mindfulness Practice

Whether its prayer, meditation, a yoga class or going to a meeting with friends, DON'T SKIP YOUR DAILY ROUTINE. You need self-care more than ever right now. Make time in the morning to plan your day, be grateful for what you have in your life right now, and create an intention for your day. Just because there is more to do, does not mean you take away your most important "to-do", which is you.


Have a plan ahead of time. Even if it’s just thinking through the best choices a few hours ahead of the meal, it’s going to prevent you from making impulse decisions that you will later regret. Make decisions about what is worth indulging in and what isn’t. Have a healthy protein shake (I love Arbonne Plant-based protein.. my favorite currently is the Golden Milk smoothie) before you leave so you don't go in STARVING. Bring your own side dishes or beverages. This will ensure there is something yummy and healthy to eat and drink. I pretty much always bring something healthy to a get-together whether it's a salad and or yummy vegan desert. OH!! And I am infamous for bringing my own Topochico or Kombucha to dinner. What an amazing feeling it is to take control of my outcome and be prepared.

3. Color your Plate

Fill up your plate with color!! Half of your plate should be raw or cooked veggies (raw is better :)) 25% protein, the remainder with healthy fats and complex carbs.

4. Pick one

Pick one thing that you absolutely must have, whether its the pumpkin pie, the glass of wine, the chocolate cake or the mashed potatoes and ENJOY!!! Picking one thing to enjoy is better than a little bit of everything.

5. Ignore Guilt from Friends or Relatives

Your family members likely slaved away over their pies and casseroles, and might take it personally when you’re not inhaling their creations. Smile and politely thank them for their hard work, and sample it if you want, but remember that they don’t have to live with your food choices – you do. Remember, you are an adult and in control of your own choices. Don't appoligize or feel bad about making GOOD CHOICES. You are taking care of yourself and setting a good example for others. Don't be shy! Tell people why you are on this path, tell them your story, tell them how amazing you feel and how you have completely changed your life. You are inspiring to them. Don't be ashamed!!!

6. Get Moving

Go for a walk with your dogs, play football with your kids, get outdoors and go for a hike, plan an early morning workout, do anything, but get moving!!

7. Get Back on Track

The day after Thanksgiving is a recovery day! Get right back on track with your healthy habits.


This Thanksgiving don’t forget to count your fitness and health blessings too. It will remind you of why you are making the healthiest choices possible every day of the year. Be grateful for your good health!

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