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I am so happy and grateful to be an 

Independent Consultant for Arbonne International.  My journey with Arbonne started 4 years ago.  A friend of mine, who was in the same industry as me, approached me with some skin care products and I immediately fell in love with the products.  Then, I started researching the company and it wasn't long before I decided that I wanted to try making Arbonne more a part of my life.  I shared the products with my friends and continued to use them but didn't really make the decision to start my own business until September, 2018. 

After my fourth baby (yes, I have four children) my husband and I were really struggling financially and I really wanted to be able to provide for my family without having to step away from them.  I had completely fallen in love with Lola, the baby, and although I was already putting her in day care a couple of times a week to teach, I really did not want to spend more time away from her.  

In the meantime, I stayed connected to Arbonne and the highly successful, happy, and independent women of Arbonne through Social media.  I would read about their stroies and what attracted me this time to this company was not the products, It was the people. Specifically, it was the women who were motivating others women and men, growing their businesses gracefully and authentically.  I wanted to do that.  I want to grow and encourage people to live their fullest and most authentic lives.  I had the priveledge of teaching yoga nd pilates everyday do so many people and I knew what I was doing was wonderful and of value.  But I couldnt spend more time away ofrom my family.  I was being nudged by GOD to take a closer look.  I did.  And here I am today, sitting before you telling you my story.

I love Arbonne.  I love their products. I love their story, I love their hearts.  And if any of this sounds interesting or speaks to you, I'd love to give you more information whether is be on growing your own business, getting healthier using our 30 day cleanse program or using any of our awesome skincare and beauty products.